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ThreeA ~ WWR : N.O.M. 4th (Fourth Anniversary).

Flesh, steel, fused and lifeless, this is not the outcome we support. We shall stop this, we shall right the wrong.
- The Fourth, prior to launching the War of Unbelief.

Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere...three A.
- writings etched on a body of a dead N.O.M. loyalist by the Fourth.

Name: Unknown.
Designation: 4th Nom di Sciple / The Harrowmaster.
Age: Unknown.
Affiliation: The N.O.M. Legion (former); The Fallens - The Bleeding Eye Warband (current).
Ranks: High Captain - Die Verdammt Schwarztaten Einsatzgruppen (former); Leader - The Bleeding Eye warband (current).
Abilities: Panzer Kunst - anti-armour martial art; psionic manipulation; transhuman physiology.
Std. armaments: N.O.M. Totenmaske; N.O.M. Lebensunterstützung Hilfesystem; Ragnarök - .50 auto-revolver x 2; Arngrim - Power mace x 1.

Few traitorous Chapters survive the Fallens Uprising. Excommunicated by the Supreme Mother, these corrupted renegades whom has chosen to walk the Path of Damnation fled far and wide across the Sol System. The renegades would eventually splintered into various, smaller warbands, sowing atrocities and carried out acts of destruction with objectives tied to the Dark Gods of the Immaterium, their new master. The Fourth is one of the most wanted of all traitorous Fallens. He is a former Nom di Sciple, whom once held the rank of the High Captain of the Bloody Dirty Deed, an elite team within the Dirty Deed Einsatzgruppen commanded by Barguest de Plume, the successor to the late Noir de Plume. He is the fourth N.O.M. neophyte to be recruited during the First Founding, coming under the direct tutelage of Barguest de Plume. After the renegades were crushed by the loyalists, the Fourth succeed in escaping from the N.O.M. Legion asteroid fortress monastery. A power struggle occurred shortly after amongst the renegade leaders, which result in the absolute and permanent dissolution of the traitorous Chapters, effectively ending their abilities to operate as a united, cohesive faction.
The Fourth, un-daunted, goes on to form and lead his own warband known as The Bleeding Eye thereafter. Their actual numbers and location are unknown. Like all traitors, The Fourth eventually becomes a Champion of the Path of Damnation, and answers only to the most powerful entities from the warp dimension of the Immaterium. Corrupt beyond redemption, his personal goal is to see the Teaching of the Supreme Mother destroyed along with Herself and the N.O.M. Legion loyalists.
The Fourth possesses a fiery discipline and equal fanaticism with absolute loyalty only to his teacher and trainer, Barguest de Plume. The Fourth is identified as one of the most gifted Nom di Sciple in the history of N.O.M. Legion, having succeed in mastering the Path of the Warrior at an early stage. Personally trained by Barguest, the Fourth is deemed worthy enough to be given the overall command of the most fanatical elite group within the N.O.M. Legion, the fearsome Bloody Dirty Deeds. True to the principles first laid down by the late Noir de Plume, the Fourth led the group and left a trail of carnage in their wake in each operation, particularly on Mars and its surrounding colonies.
Thus it is only natural that when Barguest falls to the temptation of the Dark Gods and began the War of Unbelief, originated from the equally treacherous Kuan ti Plume, the Fourth readily follows his teacher in a series of traitorous acts which accumulates in the Fallens Uprising, which effectively split the N.O.M. Legion apart. Barguest is smite by the Supreme Mother, completely obliterated but the Fourth survives and the furious, burning hatred within him to avenge Barguest burnt ever so brightly. His right sleeve is intentionally soaked and caked with the dried, crimson bloods of the loyalists brothers and sisters, and acts as the symbol of his former group namesake.
The Fourth would later openly denounced the failure of Barguest de Plume, and later succeed in uniting the various, splintered renegade Fallens warbands, now collectively called The Lost and the Damned by the N.O.M. Legion loyalists. The united renegades are led by the Fourth, henceforth known as The Harrowmaster, whom assaulted the N.O.M. asteroid fortress monastery once more upon breaching one of the Webways, leading to more death and destruction until they are repelled once more by the combined effort of the Twelve Retinues lead by Garmr and loyalist Chapters from the Second Founding. After the defeat, the Fourth where about is unknown. But any information or even mere mention of his name, an elite team known as The Unforgiven would set out to investigate, for he is to be exterminated with extreme prejudice no matter the costs.   


As far as I understand it, the Nom de Plume is the first figure to be offered from 3A's WWR lineup, in very limited quantities and before anything by 3A, and in effect, by Ashley Wood, explodes into the mainstream consciousness. 3A, born from the ashes of the early 21st century's urban vinyl movement, which is now currently enjoying some sort of rejuvenation of late, was then still enjoying sort of alternative, underground, rare to get sort of position in the industry. Just like a garage band on the edge of getting big. Which by the way, just like say, Pearl Jam, when they got big, attracted alot of accusation of "selling out" and "big corporate" mindset. Chances of getting flamed alive during drop nights in their forum are high. Trolls are rampant and emos are high, especially when it comes to limited or surprise, unannounced drop, a hallmark of 3A. This is understandable as 3A tends to drop rare, exclusive and last minute (literally) un-annouce stuffs or versions. Which ends up commanding stratospheric secondary prices. And I would have thought something made of vinyl and plastics would be within my affordable bracket. Which does, if I were to just stick to their standard release, available to everyone and members only during a drop. Another thing about 3A is there seems to be overtly zealot, hardcore fans whom can't even accept a hairbreath of constructive criticism of any 3A products. Its truly either Left or Right faction. Fanatism over action figures, opps, "designer" figures, have never been this nuts. But Papa Smurf and the mods are always in control. And their customer service rocks!  At the end of the day, so long as 3A keeps churning out cool, leftfield products, count me in. No, I really don't mind those R2D2, manhole head, tin cans designs. And the Giger-esque influence.
This is their fourth anniversary figure, ideally represent by this iconic figure, the first Nom de Plume reissued with the revised gas mask, revolvers and a baton. Comes with the new, delicious lookin laced up boots instead of molded versions. Now here's looking forward future anniversary releases.

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