Sunday, 16 November 2008


Went with Esther and Dylan to Suria KLCC for a little window shopping sojourn. Chloe had earlier followed dad to my sister's place in Puchong. The crowds still there, contrary to all the saying about economy downturn. Perhaps like us, they are there for window shopping only. Esther became enamoured with Mikimoto's pearl jewellries as well as Maubossin's. Stratosphere price level but very nice and different. Mental note : maybe get either one for her during her birthday but must save up. Undecided where to eat, I took lead to Manhattan Fish Market but Esther wasn't too keen so we left the place for Bongsen, a Vietnamese French restaurant which are our favourite. Opposite, a new Korean restaurant just opened so we decided to give it shot. Not as tasty as Taipan's Daorae, but I was hungry so everything was gobbled up pretty quickly. Price was a tad higher than Daorae. We ordered grilled sirloins, duck with rice. Duck was a first as Daorae does not have duck in their menu. Tasted great. The kimchi was abit too sour though. Dylan was enjoying himself, kicking and waving his hand as we carried him through the crowd. We brought the pram along but we do not want Dylan to over exert himself physically, he kept wanting to sit up. We left the place after lunch, but the parking ticket machine at Parkson G level screwed up, causing a long queue, thus we decided to exit via the main hall but we walked quite a distance to the car, with Esther getting more and more moody. Little tired but overall quite fun..

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